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Conceptual Design Portfolio

Second Sight Restaurant, Club, Hotel & Spa

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...At a time when we are starving for new visions and ideas, I feel, the quest for transcendence is important, even if there is, in fact, no transcendence to be found.


Restaurant/ Club/ Hotel/ Spa LOCATION: Union Square, San Francisco, CA CONCEPT: The 5 Senses: Sight/ Smell/Sound/ Taste/ Touch. A place to truly experience all of our sences, (and without some of them), with a focus on experiencing being Blind or Deaf, this is an all-inclusive place to stay, play, dance, rejuvenate, relax and eat.

Concept Statement:

The Second Sight Restaurant offers a Blind Dining, sight depravation experience, guided by the Blind. Tastes, textures and smells of food are heightened because of sight depravation. Additional ‘Sound Theater’ provides audio entertainment.

Club exhibits Passageways with tactile experiences,Visual Light shows and Projected Imagery; Sub-sensory theme rooms offer a smell and a sound reminiscent of a moment in time and space, like a Season, Holiday or a place in the world.

Hotel rooms have a focus on things you want to touch: Tactile, plush and cozy bedding and window treatments, sleek, smooth and modern bathroom fixtures and flooring, with heated floors, Each Room offers a unique choice of a color-way that could influence your mood in a different way each time you stay at the hotel.

A deaf spa experience is also available, with def spa specialists guiding you, using touch as a way to communicate... A very meditative experience.

The style i’ve created for this builing, I call: ‘Post-Burton Modern’. It blends romantic, NeoClassical, Art Nouveau, ‘Mod’, and 1940’s black and white glamour. High contrast with bold colors, involving stripes, swirls and highly textural surfaces.

the ‘Second Sight’ Customer....................

I foresee a ‘Second Sight’ customer walking away from their experience with a variety of feelings. They will feel that they’ve had an open-minded exploration into the world of their senses, becoming more in-tune with themselves and their surroundings in a way they never have. They will have seen things from different perspectives and will have had the ‘hands-on’ experience of walking in someone else’s shoes... and in the exploration of what it might be like to be def or blind.

How people have experienced life will impact how they might be effected through this experience. In the dark restaurant, and in the club, I foresee a patron going through a journey... of fear, of letting go, of saddness, of awe and wonderment, of joy and love, and of realization. They may have an experience that allows them To truly “be”... to experience outside of themselves, forgetting all else in life.

The experience of staying in the hotel and having a silent spa treatment will leave them feeling renewed and at peace. In a world where we are being bombarded with noise and sound at every moment of our day, to have a time of pure silence while being massaged, or getting a facial, will be truly rewarding... a time of theraputic meditation.